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About Us

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eatiQ is the organic food products brand launched by Jacky's Group as a part of its diversification into the Organics Industry to spread wellness and healthier lifestyles to the maximum number of consumers in the Middle East.

As the world is moving towards organic foods in the pursuit of well-being and health focused lifestyle through naturally  high-quality foods, eatiQ aims to cater to these rising needs with a product variety and quality that provide a wholesome approach to fulfilling the optimum nutritional requirements.

eatiQ offers a wide range of ‘Certified Organic’ and Gourmet Food Products foods with improved taste and high nutrition. These food products are prepared using processes that are free from pesticide, herbicide, and synthetic chemicals.

Romanesco Cauliflower

Our focus is on delivering a healthy lifestyle, enhancing the difference that organic foods make to a diet, thereby creating a community of healthy, happy people.


We ensure complete quality control by sourcing most goods from manufacturers, tracking it every step of the way until it reaches the supermarkets. We value our customers’ trust in us, and we repay it by working only with trusted brands from across the world with stellar records of quality food products.


We are continually searching for more trusted brands from around the globe in our endeavour to provide the best organic products.


We manage the entire food distribution chain comprising logistics, storage and marketing with best-in-class implementation, backed by a HACCP Certified Warehousing facility from where we deliver to retailers across the UAE.

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