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eatiQ Organic Cardamom Green 8mm, 250gm

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

eatiQ Organic Foods - Organic Cardamom Green 8 mm - 250 Grams

eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom is a certified organic spice which is a very important source of minerals responsible for detoxifying the blood. The eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom is slightly green and can add a distinct taste and flavour to your food. Besides that, the eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom is also known for having multiple benefits, which can go a long way in enhancing your health.

Features And Uses

The eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom is also known as the “Hari Elaichi” in most parts of Asia, and you can use it with many different dishes. Many even prefer adding the eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom to their tea to enhance its taste and add a distinct aroma to the beverage. Besides that, the eatiQ Organic Cardamom can also be very effective in enhancing the flavour of curries, desserts and meat dishes.

You can even consider taking eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom as a health supplement thanks to the nutritional property of the spice. At eatiQ, we make sure to harvest the cardamom before they reach the maturity stage since it helps retain the green colour of the cardamom.

Potential Health Benefits

Apart from adding a distinct flavour and smell to your meal, the eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom can do a lot for your health.

Counter Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

The eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom is packed with certain compounds which can be very helpful in countering metabolic syndrome. This a potent group of health conditions which, when left untreated, can lead to Type 2 Diabetes and heart diseases. Some diseases you can keep at bay with eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom include hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides.

Counter Microbial Conditions

The eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom can be very effective in terms of killing off fungi and bacteria. Different compounds found in the eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom can help break the cell membrane of certain bacteria. You can even add some eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom seeds to your morning tea and benefit from its antimicrobial properties.

Enhance Oral Health

Consuming a raw eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom seed can potentially be very helpful in enhancing your oral health. These cardamom seeds are filled with specific properties that can potentially fight back bacteria in the mouth. As a result, this might be very helpful in reducing the risk of your developing gum diseases and infections.

Preventing Cancer

The eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom has long earned a great deal of reputation for preventing the risk of developing cancer. These seeds are known for having natural phytochemicals which play an important role in countering health conditions like cancer, helping reduce the risk significantly.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

You can add eatiQ Organic Green Cardamom to numerous recipes and spice up your meal while benefiting from the potential health benefits of the clove. We at eatiQ ensure you get the best quality cardamoms and benefit from their properties. Besides, all our products are grown organically without the use of any harmful chemicals and toxins.

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