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eatiQ Organic Clove, 250gm

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

eatiQ Organic Foods - Organic Clove 250 Grams

eatiQ Organic Clove is the ideal addition to almost any Indian or international dish you can think of. The eatiQ Organic Clove comes in its natural form since we ensure not to extract any valuable component of the Clove. This is the reason why our eatiQ Organic Clove also packs a punch of potential health benefits for your good.

Features And Uses

The eatiQ Organic Clove is cultivated using organic materials. Since we do not use any harmful fertilizers to grow our cloves, they have no harmful impact on your health. You can use the eatiQ Organic Clove to spice up different dishes, including both veg and non-veg.

People usually use the eatiQ Organic Clove to spice up meat and rice dishes. You can use the eatiQ Organic Clove either in the whole or ground form based on your requirements and preferences. Lastly, the eatiQ Organic Clove is also known for its distinct aroma that adds a distinct touch to your recipes and dishes.

Potential Health Benefits

The eatiQ Organic Clove offers much more than just taste and aroma. These cloves also offer numerous health benefits:

Reduces Inflammation

The eatiQ Organic Clove is rich in many such compounds that might help counter inflammatory reactions in your body. One of the most important compounds is Eugenol, which can effectively counter inflammatory responses. This can help bring down the risk of arthritis and better manage the symptoms.

Mitigates Ulcers

The eatiQ Organic Clove might be very effective in protecting you from developing stomach ulcers. Conventionally, ulcers form when the layer of mucus responsible for protecting your stomach lining becomes thinner. But the eatiQ Organic Clove might help thicken that layer, further mitigating the risk of developing new ulcers and curing the older ones.

Increase Antioxidants

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