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eatiQ Organic Coconut Flour, 500gm

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Made from dried, ground coconut meat, coconut flour is a natural byproduct of coconut milk production. Like wheat flour, coconut flour is a white or off-white flour generally used in baking. Since it does not include gluten, humans on gluten-free diets can substitute coconut flour in their recipe for baked items.


eatiQ Organic Coconut flour is a gluten-free flour made fully from coconuts. It's high in fiber and is a true source of protein. Adding it to your food regimen may promote steady blood sugar, desirable digestion, and coronary heart health. It may additionally assist a healthy physique weight when bumped off as a section of a nutritious, balanced diet.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

eatiQ aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in every meal. The products are organically sourced, preserving all the vital nutrients. eatiQ is an ideal key for unlocking sustainable living and boosting you health quotient.

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