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eatiQ Organic Foods A2 Ghee, 500ml

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

A2 Ghee General Information A2 Ghee is ghee made from the milk of desi cows, a type of humped cattle from South Asia. It lacks a form of protein called the A1 beta-casein protein which is harmful to the body. It has a thick luscious texture and has a rich, creamy flavour. Features and details: Manages cholesterol levels The A2 beta-casein proteins found in A2 ghee helps extract High-Density Lipoproteins or HDL from the bloodstream lowering cholesterol levels. It is also good for heart health. Helps dry and burnt skin A2 ghee when applied on ulcers, wounds, or burnt skin has soothing effects which relieve sensations of burning and help in faster healing. Higher smoke point Normal ghee produces toxic fumes when heated to high temperatures. A2 ghee has a higher smoke point which enables it to be heated to higher temperatures without releasing these fumes. Varied health benefits This type of ghee is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. This helps in cardiovascular health, immunity building, improving bone density, curing gastric issues and more. How to prepare? A2 ghee has a mild, nutty mouth-watering flavour that you can use in versatile dishes including ghee rice, veggie purees, rice puddings and more. The best-recommended use of A2 Ghee would be as toppings to hot desserts, rice and dal. eatiQ Eat healthy. Live healthy.

Organic agriculture is focused on creating natural, high-quality food which contributes to preventive well-being and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is focused on creating food with improved taste, flavour and nutrition to support the healthy lifestyle so critical in the modern world.

eatiQ aims to be at the forefront of the organic revolution. We are driven by the desire to improve the health of our consumers, consciously.

eatiQ A2 Ghee is certified organic and is free from pesticide, herbicide and synthetic chemicals.

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