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eatiQ Organic Foods - Green Tea Mint

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The eatiQ Mint Green Tea is a health potion that takes potency a notch higher. The minty leaves offer captivating fragrance and aroma that are excellent for letting off steam after a long, hard day at work. Drink up, and it feels like a fresh, cool breeze. Mint also serves as a healthy tonic with multiple benefits.

The flavouring is ideal for clearing out your digestive system and starting the day on a positive note. It is one of the best ways of embracing your path towards good health. An ideal component of your morning meal and a companion for leading a fit lifestyle, mint tea is everything you can ask for.

Preparing that calming cup of Mint Green tea at home

Making that cup of mint green tea is pretty simple. It does not take much. All you got to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Put in a cup full of water into a pan and allow it to boil

  2. Next, you strain it back into the cup

  3. Once done, add the teabag and give about ten minutes to brew

  4. After ten minutes, take out the teabags

You are now in for a calming and soothing treat! The minty flavour is potent enough. However, if you want more, add a hint of honey. It serves as a sweetener and takes care of those sweet cravings. The blend of mint and honey often makes it to the talk of the town.


Keeps your guts in good stead

Mint is known for tackling indigestion. What’s more, it also resolves issues such as stomach acids, nausea and loss of appetite. Mint Green tea has polyphenols that help break down the food items more effectively. It can also help get rid of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS symptoms.

Winds up your worries

Green tea is known for its soothing and sensational feel. It is best suited for those who feel overwhelmed and worked up by situations. While it contains caffeine for that punch, it is also rich in theanine. Theanine helps curb anxiety and serves as a stress buster.

Sorts your antioxidants supply

Green tea is rich in catechins. These are antioxidants that neutralise free radicals and render anti-ageing benefits. It does so by preventing your body from an oxidative state. The antioxidants also help improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and raising overall vitality.

Curbs colds and flu

Mint flavouring provides yet another benefit - it can relieve you from potential colds and flu. Its intense and robust aroma helps to open up your nasal passages.

Gives you that breath of pleasant and fresh air

Ever wonder why most toothpaste and chewing gums contain mint? To help improve your oral health and hygiene. In addition to its pleasant aroma, mint has antibacterial properties that kill plaque-causing germs. The result? It saves you from bad breath.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

At eatiQ, it is all about health and wellness. We live up to that regimen through our range of ‘Certified Organic’ and Gourmet Food items. Our offerings are free from artificial substances, insecticides and others. The eatiQ Mint Green Tea provides that fresh and pleasant breather and enhances your mind, body and soul.

With every sip, you will come out emotionally and physically elevated! It is a healer for the holy trinity of mind, body and soul.

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