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eatiQ Organic Little Millet, 500gm

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

eatiQ Organic Little Millet is grown all through India and is a regular crop. It is a relative of proso millet however the seeds of little millet are tons smaller than proso millet. It is a universal bump off as rice. Any recipe that needs staple rice can be prepared for the utilization of little millet.


Little millet is rich in Magnesium which helps improve coronary heart health. It is also rich in Niacin which helps decrease cholesterol. Little millet includes phosphorus which is brilliant for weight loss, tissue restore and power production after a strenuous workout. It additionally helps detoxify the body.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

The eatiQ Organic Little Millet can add goodness to varied health recipes. eatiQ propagates a philosophy of organic processes that boost your wellbeing quotient and deliver natural deliciousness to every bite. All the products are originally grown, ensuring that vital nutrients get preserved.

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