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eatiQ Organic Wheat Dalia, 500gm

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

eatiQ Organic Foods - Wheat Dalia 500 Grams

eatiQ Wheat Dalia is a highly nutritious meal made with high-quality organic certified broken wheat kernels. At eatiQ, we do not use any harmful pesticides or fertilizers to ensure you taste nature’s gift as it was meant to be. You can use the eatiQ Wheat Dalia to make many different dishes, including upma, khichadi, porridge, and even salads.

Features And Uses

The eatiQ Wheat Dalia is made by breaking or crushing wheat grains cultivated using only organic means without any chemicals. As a result, the eatiQ Wheat Dalia packs the right blend of a distinct taste and aroma. It is also a storehouse of many different nutrients that can help promote better health.

There are many different types of dishes you can make with eatiQ Wheat Dalia. Some of the best-known dishes include khichdi, upma, porridge, and more. Since our eatiQ Wheat Dalia is non-refined, all the nutrients remain intact. You can even consider eating the eatiQ Wheat Dalia as a health supplement for better health.

Potential Health Benefits

Besides the taste and aroma, the eatiQ Wheat Dalia is also packed with multiple nutrients that can promote good health in many ways.

Aids in Weight Management

The eatiQ Wheat Dalia is widely known for being highly rich in dietary fibre content. This means you can feel full without overeating to help you better manage your weight. Even a single bowl of the eatiQ Wheat Dalia in the morning can give you a wholesome and nutritious breakfast.

Enhances Muscle Health

Any form of a nutritious diet can help enhance overall muscle health and more so in the case of the eatiQ Wheat Dalia. The eatiQ Wheat Dalia can be an excellent source of protein, one of the primary nutrients you need to build better muscles and enhance muscle mass.

Managing And Preventing Diabetes

The eatiQ Wheat Dalia can be a delicious meal for people dealing with diabetes or even at risk of developing diabetes. The low glycaemic index of eatiQ Wheat Dalia coupled with the concentration of complex carbs can be very helpful in managing diabetes. In addition, consuming the eatiQ Wheat Dalia can help ensure a slow and steady release of glucose into the blood, further helping keep blood sugar levels under control.

Excellent Energy Source

The eatiQ Wheat Dalia is packed with a number of vitamins and minerals that can give you almost an instant boost of energy. Many prefer eating a bowl of eatiQ Wheat Dalia before a session of instant workout to give their body much-needed energy. This can make the eatiQ Wheat Dalia an ideal meal for energy-intensive work.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

The eatiQ Wheat Dalia is the best meal you can have to get an energy boost without wasting much time and effort on preparation. Besides, all eatiQ Wheat Dalia products are manufactured to ensure unmatched quality, ensuring you get all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, all our products are made organically without the use of any harmful chemicals and toxins. So get your bag of eatiQ Wheat Dalia today!

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