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eatiQ Organic Foods - Basmati Rice (Brown) 5KG Bag

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

eatiQ Organic Foods - Basmati Rice (Brown) 5KG Bag

The eatiQ Basmati Rice (Brown) is some of the best-unpolished basmati rice currently available in the market. The product is rich in fibre and other essential nutrients, making it the ideal delicious treat. Since the eatiQ Basmati Rice (Brown) is unpolished, you get all the nutrients while allowing you to create the perfect dish of your choice.

Defining Features

eatiQ Basmati Rice is best known for its long size, ranging from 6-7 mm. But most interestingly, these rice grains exert a distinct aroma that will leave many with a watery mouth. In addition, these whole grains are packed with fibre and other essential nutrients to keep you healthy.

Their distinct brownish colour is what distinguishes them from the white basmati rice. But besides that, eatiQ Basmati Rice is naturally gluten-free, making them ideal grains for preparing your favourite meal.

How To Prepare?

Just a few simple steps are more than you need to create your favourite dish with eatiQ Basmati Rice. These steps include:

· Rinse the rice in cold water to get rid of all the extra starch and dust

· Take a small cooking pot and add 1.5 cups of water for every cup of the eatiQ Basmati Rice.

· Start boiling the cooking pot

· Keep the pot covered and reduce the heat intensity after reaching the boiling point.

· Let the rice cook for about 20 minutes, and turn down the heat post that

· Stir the eatiQ Basmati Rice for about 10 minutes before serving it

Alternatively, consider using a rice cooker that automatically turns on the warming mode.

Potential Health Benefits

The eatiQ Basmati Rice offers several different health benefits to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lowers The Risk of Cancer

The eatiQ Basmati Rice is highly rich in fibre, which is important in reducing your chances of developing cancer. It may be very effective in reducing the risk of developing colorectal cancer, among other cancer types.

Better For Digestion

Another significant health benefit of eatiQ Basmati Rice is that it can help enhance digestion thanks to its higher fibre concentration. As a result, it may keep your digestive smooth and reduces your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Promotes Better Brain Health

Of all the other vitamins in eatiQ Basmati Rice, its richness in B vitamin is genuinely appreciable. More specifically, eatiQ Basmati Rice is highly rich in vitamin B1 also known as thiamine. This particular nutrient plays an important role in promoting better brain health.

Enhances Heart Health

Consuming eatiQ Basmati Rice may help you lower the risk of developing heart disease significantly. Although, this really might not come as a surprise, considering it can reduce blood cholesterol and keep your blood pressure in check.

Low in Arsenic

Most rice types are rich in arsenic, a metal harmful to the human body. But eatiQ Basmati Rice has the lowest arsenic concentration compared to other rice types.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

The eatiQ Basmati Rice has the perfect taste and aroma with the bonus of being packed with different nutrients. eatiQ has always been committed to ensuring the unmatched quality of all our products. Furthermore, all our products are grown organically to provide little to no environmental damage. So get your eatiQ Basmati Rice today and taste heritage with every meal.

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