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eatiQ Organic Foods - Green Tea Lemon

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A health potion of sorts, Green Tea is the healer of today. The eatiQ Lemon Green tea is both citrusy and flavoursome, with an aroma that hosts a range of health benefits. It is the tonic for a better lifestyle, helping in weight management, keeping you hydrated and providing an energy boost. It is an excellent way of solidifying your immune system.

Lemon Green tea, along with honey, is an ideal detoxifier. A warm cup is best after a long, tiring grind at your workplace. The natural ingredients wipe away your worries and make you feel like a cool, fresh breeze. It is a companion for a healthier lifestyle.

Do-it-yourself Lemon Green tea

You can now prepare that cup of lemon green tea in your home by following the simple steps below. It really does not take much.

  1. Start by putting a cup full of water into a pan. Allow it to boil.

  2. Once it gets heated, strain it back into your cup.

  3. Next, you add the tea bags and let them be for about ten minutes

  4. Take out the teabags

You are now in for a cooling and sensational feel! However, for sweet cravings, you can add honey. Honey with lemon serves as an eclectic blend of strong, pleasant, and somewhat spicy flavour. By the end, your tongue will feel tantalised.


Your antioxidant supply is sorted

Green tea has high antioxidant content that helps against inflammation and prevents cells from damage caused by oxidation. It is rich in EGCG and chlorogenic acid. Add to it the lemon flavouring that provides a good source of ascorbic acid, hesperidin, naringin and ferulic acid, and you’re free from several chronic illnesses.

Excellent for those battling diabetes

Green tea helps keep tabs on blood sugar levels and protects against type 2 diabetes. Here’s how! Green tea enhances the ability of your digestive system to make better use of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that transmits sugar from the bloodstream to the cells.

Healthy and hearty all through the way

Lemon green tea is excellent for heart health. Lemon flavourings comprise citrus flavonoids that help improve the functionality of blood vessels and manage cholesterol levels, among others.

Boosts your immunity and energy levels

Lemons are a powerhouse of Vitamin C. It is a water-soluble micronutrient packed with antioxidants. This Vitamin C is integral in shaping your immune system as it helps battle several respiratory issues and systemic illnesses.

Your stresses are now busted

Green tea is best during times of stress. The reason is it contains caffeine for energy and punch. It also has high theanine content. Theanine helps tackle anxiety. Drink up, and your nerves will no longer feel flustered and panicky.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

Our values and offerings propagate a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. To that end, we provide a range of ‘Certified Organic’ and Gourmet Food items. We ensure they are free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial substances. Along with rendering the best of health, we put forth enhanced taste on your tables.

The eatiQ Lemon Green tea is antioxidant-rich that elevates your immunity. With every sip, you will feel more active and energetic.

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