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eatiQ Organic Foods Himalayan Pink Fine Salt, 1kg

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

General Information

Himalayan fine salt, or pink salt, is a salt predominantly mined in Punjab, Pakistan. It shares similar properties to normal table salt but contains other trace minerals that give it a pink tint. It used in flavouring food and presentation. Himalayan salt lamps are popular decorative lamps made from Himalayan salt.

Features and details: Natural salt

Himalayan fine salt is natural and does not contain additives as compared to table salt, which goes through refining processes to prevent clumping.

Helps in hydration

Just a pinch of Himalayan fine salt to meals or drinks can help achieve optimal fluid balance and keep the individual hydrated. The sodium in this is necessary to maintain the fluid balance in the body.

Skin exfoliant

Himalayan fine salt has an exfoliating texture and when applied with the right mix, provides the skin with the proteins to make it silky and smooth.

Salt therapy

Himalayan salt therapy may reduce COPD or asthma as the salt when inhaled pulls the water and mucus and clears the airways for better breathing, thereby easing the pressure on the lungs.

How to prepare?

Add it for taste in any dish you make. Make refreshing drinks by adding Himalayan Fine Salt to lemon juice, honey and water or even use it to make face scrubs by mixing it with Olive oil and other essential oils good for the skin.

Eat healthy. Live healthy.

Organic agriculture is focused on creating natural, high-quality food which contributes to preventive well-being and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is focused on creating food with improved taste, flavour and nutrition to support the healthy lifestyle so critical in the modern world.

eatiQ aims to be at the forefront of the organic revolution. We are driven by the desire to improve the health of our customers, consciously.

eatiQ Himalayan Fine Salt is certified organic and is free from pesticide, herbicide and synthetic chemicals.

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